WICL recognises that women's participation in sport has a long and important history. It has be the catalyst for great change and inspiration throughout the world. Women's participation in sport has helped overcome discrimination, inequality and division in many countries.

Our WICL Family has a simple philosophy and focus: provide opportunity. We intend to use the power of sport to mobilise and empower individuals, organisations and communities to fulfil their potential. We seek to enhance the value placed on women's sport, initially through cricket, but also more broadly through providing a clear pathway for females to have the opportunity to establish meaningful, professional careers in sport.

However, we believe that the WICL Family can be the catalyst for much more. By showcasing elite female athletes, competing in the same formats and fashion as their male counterparts, we have the opportunity to change perceptions. The perception that elite sport is principally a male domain; or that there are barriers to a generation of talented females who seek simply to have the same opportunities as their male counterparts.

The WICL Family seeks to add its voice to the chorus of global initiatives that share a similar vision to WICL. It is only opportunity that hampers progression, it is little more than stereotype that we seek to challenge, but it is the future we seek to change.

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